The Bolder Mat Company is located outside Boulder, Colorado, and despite being in a place known for having many enthusiastic yoga practitioners, was actually named after it's bold and artistic printed yoga mats.

Yoga offers incredibly positive benefits for the mind, body and spirit.  Whether you practice yoga once a week, or once a day, we all understand how amazing it can be. Everyone has their own experience practicing yoga, and that is why we created bold, artistic yoga mats, with unique designs that allow you to express your individuality!
We'd like to bring the benefits that yoga offers to all who seek it, through our Renew and Recycle, outreach program. When you send your gently used mat to us, we will refurbish it and then donate it to yoga outreach programs in jails, detention centers, shelters and schools.  In other words, where yoga most needs to be practiced. Besides receiving karma points, we will give you a $5 off coupon (with no expiration date), for your next purchase.
Our mats are eco-friendly, non-toxic, comfortably plush, sticky, and are designed to elevate your spirit! Many have told us that while doing their poses, that gazing down at the unique beautiful designs, has greatly enhanced their yoga experience.
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Practicing yoga creates a better, and happier world for everyone.